Acne Home Solutions

When I suffered from acne in my teens I was always on the lookout for new acne home solutions, that I could simply make at home, and apply them easily. The main reason for this is because they are more effective, and the other reason is because in my teens I didn’t have much money, so cheap acne home solutions were just the thing I was looking for.

I managed to cure my acne with home solutions!

And you can too! Now that I know all about which solutions work, and which ones don’t, I’m able to spread the word, in the hope of other people curing their acne faster than I did, so they don’t have to go through the same ordeal as I went through.

The Acne Home Solutions That Work…

First off, I can tell you right now that the most effective remedy that can be made from your own home is indeed the mixture of the very effective ingredients rose water and lemon juice. You can simply mix these two together to create a effective solution that will cure your acne in no time. What you do is mix the two together, 50/50. Apply to a cotton pad, then simply wipe all over the infected acne areas, leave on for 30 minutes then wash off with warm water. The other solution that I know works is by using potatoes. Potatoes can be used very effectively to help you achieve healthy looking skin, it also contains properties that can eliminate the bacteria inside your pores! And, it acts as an exfoiliater, which will get rid of all the old skin cells around the infected acne areas. All you do is slice a potato in half, rub the flat edge on your acne, that’s it!