Wind Power Home Solutions

The past month I have started exploring my options to decrease my electricity bill with alternative energies, such as a wind power home solution, which is not only a green energy source but can provide your monthly energy requirement for free, so you wont need to pay utility bills any longer. During my research I also discovered that our government has a lot of supportive legislation to encourage us in using wind energy solutions, since federal regulations, specifically, the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978, or PURPA, require utilities to purchase wind generated power from home energy systems. As a result you not only you get free energy but you can even make money on it due to this legal requirement. What a deal I said to myself.

Is a wind power home solution for you?

As with any investment, there are pros and cons, and having mentioned some pros, one downside to all this wind home business is that you should consider the amount of wind you get in your area. The average wind speed in the area is an important factor, because as a wind turbine owner you should aim for at least 10 miles per hour average wind speed in order to produce enough energy for your home. You can check such data with the U.S. Department of Energy so you can predict the performance of your home alternative energy solution. Some areas may even justify wind data collection, which can be costly though.

Deploying a wind power home generator

If wind data seems promising, you should consider the ways such a home wind energy generator should be deployed. It definitely should be placed on a plateau, preferably on your roof or a separate tower. Hardly any wiring needs to change in your house, only the new system needs to be tied in with your current home power solution. Your current utility company needs to provide you assistance, but certainly a wind power home provider can provide professional consulting services so you can just sit back and watch free energy flow in your home.